Press Release: Medicare Market Resilience, Tips from a CEO

CEO Discusses Market Resilience from 16+ Years as a Medicare Industry Leader

An in-depth article, featuring insights and advice from insurance CEO, Rosamaria Marrujo, discusses how significant changes to the Medicare health insurance industry over the past 15 years have taught her to be agile and resilient in this ever-changing marketplace. According to Marrujo, who is also a board member of the Sacramento Association Health Underwriters (SAHU), brokers in this industry must be quick to find creative ways to bring value to their clients despite constant legislative changes if they want to be successful.

Top 6 Ways for Independent Agents to Save Money, TAIA Blog

Top 6 Ways for Independent Agents to Save Money

As an independent agent who builds your own business, you may drive a lot between clients, print your own business cards, or use marketing tools to advertise your business. We both know these things are not free. So, to help you keep your costs low, here are 6 business expenses you could be using as tax deductions - plus one bonus idea to grow your business!