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Generate High-Quality Leads with a Direct Response 1,000 Piece Mailer

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Direct response mailers are the perfect lead-generation solution for the Medicare Agent. Why? 

  • It's a turn-key marketing campaign that takes little time and effort from you.
  • Lists are targeted specifically for you to reach the right prospects. 
  • The return on investment is immediate. You'll start seeing leads within 2 weeks. 
  • The leads are exclusively yours.  

How It Works

1) Fill out the form, including the preferred counties you want to reach. 

2) Choose between an AEP campaign, or T65 Campaign (*prices vary).

3) Leads will be delivered electronically each day as we receive them.

*AEP Campaign - $450 for 1,000 piece mailer 

*T65 Campaign - $470 for 1,000 piece mailer

AEP Mailers Must Be Ordered By 9/20!

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